Pokémon Characters!

You'll meet plenty of Pokémon in Serene Village and beyond who are interested in aiding you on your adventure.


Meet and Befriend Every Legendary Pokémon!

You can eventually encounter 720 known Pokémon in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, including Legendary Pokémon! During your adventure, they will often help you with acquiring small treasures for your mission.


Find the Mythical Hoopa!

If particular requirements are met, Hoopa will join youin a dungeon. That means you won't have direct control over the Mythical Pokémon, but it will battle by your side, and perhaps call extra Pokémon to battle, as well. There's even a chance that it will appear as Hoopa Unbound and call forth Legendary Pokémon to join you!


Classroom Characters

The school you attend in Serene Village is filled with many different kinds of Pokémon, some of them classmates and some teachers. And while some of your classmates are nicer than others, all of them are fascinating to talk to. You have a lot to learn from the teachers, as well.


Hawlucha's Slam School

Hawlucha runs a facility that helps you with the moves your Pokémon can know. It can help a Pokémon forget or remember moves they've known, learn new moves, or even switch its ability.


Kecleon's Shop

Visit Kecleon to buy and sell the many items you'll find when you explore a dungeon. Kecleon sells consumable items, as well as TMs and other important adventuring tools.


Café Connection

Kangaskhan runs Café Connection, a place that you'll want to visit often. Sometimes when you stop in, Kangaskhan will give you rewards left by Pokémon for completing quests!


Glorious Gold

Take any Gold Bars you find to Cofagrigus, who will exchange them for all kinds of interesting items. Cofagrigus will also pay you for the Gold Bars you bring in.


Klefki's Rockin' Lock

If you're lucky enough to find Treasure Boxes deep inside a dungeon, bring them to Klefki to have them opened up…for a fee.


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