Enter a New World of Pokémon!

You're about to enter an amazing world where Pokémon speak, build towns, and go on incredible adventures. What's more, you'll become a Pokémon yourself! You will have the choice to play as Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, or Axew. On your journey through this amazing world, you will also choose a partner who will always be at your side!

A Helpful Companion!

After you choose which Pokémon you want to be, you'll select one of the four remaining Pokémon to be your partner. This partner Pokémon will battle by your side and offer helpful advice as the story unfolds.

First Stop: Post Town

One of the first places you'll visit is a small village called Post Town. You'll find many Pokémon gathered there, many of whom will aid you throughout your adventure. Post Town will be the home base for many of your experiences, so get a feel for the layout of the town when you first arrive by talking to everyone you see!

Build Paradise from Scratch

Pokémon Paradise doesn't look like much when you first visit. It will take hard work to build it up. You'll have a lot of control over what facilities to build, giving you a large number of ways to customize Pokémon Paradise how you see fit.

Step 1
Pokémon Paradise is just a desolate patch of land when you first arrive.
Step 2
Enlist the help of skilled builders Gurdurr and Timburr to start construction.
Step 3
Little by little, the shops and facilities of Pokémon Paradise will begin to grow.
Step 4
Keep working with Gurdurr and his two Timburr apprentices to keep the Pokémon Paradise expansion going.
Step 5
Eventually every place in Pokémon Paradise will be ready for business!