Downloadable Content

Look forward to many fun dungeons you can download and play in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. To download these dungeons, you'll need a Nintendo 3DS system that is connected to the Internet and a sufficient balance on your Nintendo eShop account. Your Nintendo eShop balance can be charged using a credit card or a Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card.

Once you've acquired downloadable content, tap the DLC button on the main menu, or visit the DLC Guide in Post Town to play these new dungeons.

This downloadable content is optional—you don't need any additional content to complete your game.


Paradise DLC Steps

Follow these steps to purchase and download additional dungeons for your Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity game! These dungeons will be downloaded directly to the SD Card in your Nintendo 3DS system.

Step 1
In your game, talk to Foongus once he appears in Post Town to unlock the DLC menu.
Step 2
Foongus will send you to the main menu, where you’ll see the “DLC” button.
Step 3
Tap that button, and you’ll be asked to connect to the Internet.
Step 4
Select the dungeon you want to purchase from the list of DLC items.
Step 5
On the dungeon details page, you can confirm that you have enough funds in your Nintendo eShop account balance and enough space on your SD Card. Click “Purchase” to buy the dungeon.
Step 6
The dungeon you selected will begin to download.
Step 7
After the download is complete, return to your game.
Step 8
Head to the crossroads between Post Town and Pokémon Paradise to explore a dungeon you’ve downloaded. Select a dungeon to enter it!
Step 9
You won't be able to enter some dungeons until you've completed the main story. Until then, those dungeons will not be selectable.